iCarsandTrucks is combining our YouTube Video posting service for dealership auto inventory with the new Floor-Salesperson smartphone app called TextDetails.

Text Templates of Auto Info and Links from your Smartphone.

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TextDetails uses an automated process to create YouTube videos with a “text  to dealer” overlay text-code and phone number which provides a way for consumers to request more information about a vehicle and instantly notify the floor salesperson at the dealership of that interest.

Once the prospective car buyer information is captured, our automated Text Based marketing system allows for sales people to walk them through the various stages of engagement.

TextDetails allows dealers to create templates of marketing messages and links to “drip market” communications to their prospect list of car buyers using a simple text message process.  The text message  service runs on any computing device allowing bulk marketing messages to go to thousands of prospects in the click of a mouse.

Move prospective buyers through a series of marketing steps using texting as the messaging service instead of email to communicate directly to them. There is no spam filter when using Text Messaging.

Capture and retain contact information for other CRM programs.

Simple easy to use with no installation.

Review: Auto Dealership.

“We feel that the new text marketing system from TextDetails offers our sales team features that will catapult us to the next level in the auto industry. We are able to send out marketing materials and get instant feedback from our customers all from the smart phones our staff carry around with them all day. The system has a built in review function that pushes the positive responses straight to our social media avenues. The possibilities seem endless as to how we can utilize the websites services. Torrey and his team have been great with accommodating us with the ideas we have had.”

~ Lee Bort
GM Auto Sales and Finance
Amarillo, TX


  • Capture prospect information from YouTube videos, window stickers on the vehicle or from auto magazine ads.
  • Send links of any car in the lot as a YouTube video along with dealership information by Text.
  • Create TEXT templates on your Smartphone, iPad/Tablet or Desktop PC.
  • Create a series of automated drip marketing processes to move prospects through the sales process.
  • Use Text Auto Responder for TV and Radio Ads.
  • Appointment setting.
  • Follow up and After Sale – Social Media survey tools.
  • Email copy  sent to the dealership after every text.
  • Store notes about events.
  • Communicate with a portfolio of contacts using your cell phone – Autoresponder & Broadcast Text features.

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