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icarsandtrucks: automated YouTube video posting of consumer reviews

“61 percent of auto purchasers visited a dealership after viewing an auto video on YouTube”

~LINDSAY SCHULTZ, head of industry for automotive at Google

The goal of any auto dealer is to get your inventory in front of active buyers as quickly as possible.  While getting your inventory in front of prospects, your dealership also needs to convince that prospective car buyer that you will make the buying process easy, fair and as painless as possible.  This “buying with confidence” problem is solved by icarsandtrucks with our automated social media services.convert social media interest into leads

A recent study by Google and Ogilvy and Mather supports the icarsandtrucks process:

“64% of auto shoppers view vehicles on YouTube before they buy a car!”  YouTube video is great for getting your inventory found on the web but solves only part of the “path to purchase problem”.
(Google, TNS Global and Ogilvy & Mather study 6/14 read: )

A larger concern by consumers is the dealer’s reputation.

The largest purchase-influencer for a consumer before they commit to a new automobile is what their friends, family and co-workers are saying (Word-of-Mouth 74%).  This “path to purchase” takes many twists and turns to completion and uses many social media sites in the process.  Here are the top ten points of influence according to the study:

tell your story

Tell your story

  • Word of mouth (74%)
  • Retailers and store visits (69%)
  • You Tube – how-to videos, product visualization, entertainment (64%)
  • Twitter (61%)
  • Company/brand websites (59%)
  • Facebook (56%)
  • Pinterest (56%)
  • Newspapers and magazines (55%)
  • TV and movies (51%)
  • Search (51%)

Purchasing a new car can be a difficult and exhausting experience for the consumer.  The car-buying public are now fully armed with the history and the reputation of a dealership before they even walk on to the lot.

The Internet gives consumers the tools to not only find the vehicle they want but they already have a good idea of how the purchase process is going to go at the dealership.  Dealers need to manage not only their inventory but also their reputation.  Google has gotten into the mix and now uses a dealership’s reputation as a basis to rank them in their search results.*

icarsandtrucks helps automate this “path to purchase” in several ways:ipadsurvey

  1. First, our system takes a vehicle inventory feed from your lot-management company and turns the vehicle images and descriptive text into a video with spoken-text and music posting them to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.  In most cases you can find this inventory at or near the top of a search result within 4 hours of the time it is posted.
  2. Once a vehicle is sold, the system sends the customer an email (or the in-store salesman uses a Tablet or provides a text code to the customer to use their own smartphone) asking for feedback.Text Code For Response
    • Our system posts the positive reviews on your Google Plus, Facebook, YELP and Twitter accounts.
    • The system also intercepts any negative replies and texts them to the store manager.
  3. Positive reviews are then turned into a YouTube video.  We take the comments, the images of the automobile, and overlay the comments by the car owner onto a slide-show-video of the vehicle’s images.  Our system takes the user-generated remarks and runs them through a “text-to-speech” engine so the videos have real sound (spoken-text) with music that match up the text on each slide as the video plays.  We then post this video on all of your social media sites.

The icarsandtrucks process automates the posting of inventory to gain top search results quickly and then captures the sentiment of the car buyer and posts positive reviews on your social media sites while intercepting the negative reviews before they are posted.  In this way the dealership gains a growing positive reputation while being able to intercept and turn-around the negative responses before the disgruntled-consumer posts a damaging remark on their own.

Driving away from the dealership should be one of the most exhilarating times in a car-buyers life.  The icarsandtrucks process ensures that everyone on the dealership team is doing their job to deliver a satisfied customer.

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*icarsandtrucks in one of many sites we support through partnerships and direct marketing.  Our full story and more on how our social media remark management engine works along with more detail and supporting studies about this process can be viewed on our general market site at